“The Catholic Church has done much to denounce antisemitism. There is no doubt that this process is reaching its height under the leadership of Your Holiness” Meir Linzen, President of the IJL, gives a powerful speech during IJL’s meeting with Pope Francis


The Executive Committee of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IJL), together with several Members from its International Board of Trustees, met with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday, 9 November. Meir Linzen, President of the IJL, delivered a heartfelt appeal to Pope Francis, as the son of Holocaust survivors, to leverage his position in the Catholic church in order to combat anti-Semitism worldwide. The Pope expressed sympathy with our cause and stressed the importance of fighting hatred and advancing peace between all peoples. When thanked by members of IJL’s delegation for his support of the Jewish people and the State of Israel, he humbly responded, “please pray for me”. The IJL delegation presented several gifts to Pope Francis including a portrait painting of his likeness, created by Bartoz Sucharski, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.


See Meir Linzen, President of the IJL, Full Speech (November 9, 2018):




“Human Rights – A Common Challenge”

“Jews and Christians have a common need to face the challenge of human rights and dignity. An objective fully shared by Pope Francis, who warmly welcomed us. A visit which intends to be the basis for further commitments” says Maurizio Ruben, Vice President of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

The IJL’s Annual Conference in Rome was an opportunity to review the various initiatives underway. The fight against hatred and anti-Semitism, also in the light of the recent attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh. Or the defense (also in legal terms) of the value of Remembrance, recently undermined by the Polish Government. “Areas where we are key players,” comments Ruben.