JUSTICE - No. 68

2 No. 68 JUSTICE n January 20, 2022, the UN General Assembly condemned any denial of the occurrence of the Holocaust. This date marked the 80th anniversary of the Nazi Wannsee Conference, which laid the groundwork for the implementation of the “Final Solution.” This resolution, initiated by Israel, was only the second General Assembly resolution to be successfully introduced by Israel in 72 years of UN membership. The fact that such a resolution was necessary is indicative of the continuing challenge we face regarding the spectre of antisemitism in the world and makes it evident that IJL's work in fighting antisemitism and anti-Zionism when it masks antisemitism continues to be crucial. I will not elaborate here on the legal work the IJL has undertaken in recent years regarding the protection of kosher shechita in Europe, defending the libel cases that have been brought against scholars calling out Nazi supporters by name, fighting the proliferation of antisemitic material in the social media, and initiating programs that aid individuals who are subject to antisemitic incidents. Our legal agenda continues to be implemented unabated, and we seek to expand our activities to meet the increasing challenges we face around the world. The cover of this issue illustrates how the implications of the Holocaust continue to haunt and challenge us to this day. Stolen art is just the tip of the iceberg of the material losses of the millions who perished, and the ongoing struggle of many of those who survived. We trust that you will find interest in the article dealing with this subject, as well as the other articles that showcase and highlight legal issues relevant to the Jewish people and Israel. We continue to dedicate our work to the memory of the victims of the past, and to seek to eradicate the plague of antisemitism that seems to spawn new variants, much like the terrible pandemic that we have endured these past few years. Contemporary developments, including repercussions of COVID and increased manifestations of institutional antisemitism in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, inevitably trickle down to threaten the safety and well-being of the Jewish population. As a legal organization, IJL focuses on issues and brings cases to protect Jewish rights and confront Jewish problems by legal means. Our modus operandi is to eschew sensitive issues publicly, but to achieve significant legal results under the radar. Our philosophy is to win wars, not talk about them. As always, we are open to your comments and suggestions, as well as your continued involvement in our projects and activities. We invite you to participate in our next conference that will focus on IJL responses to contemporary legal issues. September 2022 President’s Message O Meir Linzen Photo: Ami Erlich