JUSTICE - No. 68

Main Page I
President’s Message - Meir Linzen 2
The Danger of Holocaust Denial and Distortion - Ellen Germain 3
The Echo of Wannsee – Eighty Years Later - Matthias Küntzel 6
Articles 8
On Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion in Modern Democracies: Crucifixes and Mezuzas in Classrooms - Joseph H.H. Weiler 8
Is Europe Finally Coming to Grips with Antisemitism? - Michael Whine 14
The New Antisemitism Bills in the United States: A Practical and Legal Analysis - Mark Goldfeder 20
The Challenges of Writing History in Contemporary Poland - Jan Grabowski 27
Restitution of Nazi Looted Art in France: A Historic Law Adopted - Mélina Wolman 33
The Facilitation of Naturalization for Descendants of Nazi Persecutees - Steffen Kaemper and Mirco Stellbrink 39
Book Review 41
The Conflict over the Conflict: The Israel/Palestine Campus Debate - By Kenneth S. Stern Reviewed by Paul Finkelman 41