JUSTICE - No. 71

3 Spring 2024 prevented. But this does not detract from the fact that Iran, both directly and indirectly through its proxies, is working relentlessly for the destruction of Israel. Is this not the right time to use all legal methods available to bring an end to the genocidal actions of Iran? Finally, the War which began on October 7 has launched a powerful and terrible wave of antisemitism in the West. We call upon Governments, Law Enforcement Authorities, and Universities to act resolutely against every manifestation of antisemitism – there should not be any tolerance for anyone who acts against Jews simply because they are Jews. There is no clash of values here – this is not an issue of freedom of speech or the right to protest. The antisemitism that we are witnessing undermines the very foundations of both freedom of expression and the right to protest. The protests at Universities, which are centers of learning entrusted with the education of future generations, and the responses of the authorities at those Universities, are unprecedented and alarming. The IJL, with its limited resources, is providing Jewish students with legal support against all manifestations of antisemitism on the part of academic staff and students alike. The IJL will continue its efforts in all the areas outlined above, in the hope and with a prayer for the release of all our hostages, for our wounded soldiers and victims of terror, for the State of Israel, and for the Jewish People wherever they may be. May 2024