JUSTICE - No. 67

Main Page I
President’s Message - Meir Linzen 2
Articles 4
The Global Political Pandemic, and the Pandemic of Impunity: Political Prisoners as a Looking Glass - Irwin Cotler 4
English Law and BDS: Taking Stock - Daniel A. Harris 11
Still Unfinished: Hungarian Holocaust Restitution in U.S. Courts - Stephen Greenwald, Arthur Traldi and Rhonda Lees 18
The New Polish Administrative Procedure Law - Sylwia Mysliwska 22
Call for the Boycott of Israeli Products: Incitement to Economic Discrimination or Freedom of Expression? - Floriane Beauthier de Montalembert 26
The Israel-Hamas Conflict of May 2021: Reflections on the International Law of “Proportionality” - Nicholas Rostow 31
Global Forum – Legal Panel 37
Tools in the Fight against Antisemitism: German Legislation - Felix Klein 37
The Gap between Legislation against Antisemitism and its Implementation - Avraham Yishai 39
Factors Influencing the Antisemitic Environment on UK Campuses - Lesley Klaff 40
Limits of the Power of Law - Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias 44
The European Court of Human Rights and Antisemitism: Recent Case Law - Talia Naamat 46
Summing-Up - David Benjamin 48
Book Reviews 49
The Ravine: A Family, a Photograph, a Holocaust Massacre Revealed - By Wendy Lower Reviewed by Leora Bilsky 49
Haters, Baiters and Would-Be Dictators - By Nick Toczek Reviewed by Leonard Weinberg 53
Women of the Wall: Navigating Religion in Sacred Sites - By Yuval Jobani & Nahshon Perez Reviewed by Gideon Sapir 55
The Ratline: Love, Lies and Justice on the Trail of a Nazi Fugitive - By Philippe Sands Reviewed by Robbie Sabel 59