The IJL 16th Annual Congress, Jerusalem, November 29 – December 1
50 Years of a United Jerusalem – Legal, Geo-Strategic, and International Aspects.
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Videos from the Congress: Day 1       Day 2       Day 3
Credit for video production: Zvi Knoll, Channel Manager, Hok Umishpat

Pictures from our 16th Congress, Jerusalem, 2017

Elections at the IJL November 30, in Jerusalem, at the 16th Congress Electoral Roll for the 16th Congress

Resolutions of the IJL Elections Committee Regarding the 16th Congress

Seminar in London, October 8: The Balfour Centenary: A Legal Conference

Seminar Announcement         Lectures

Seminar in Vienna, June 20:
 Countering Antisemitism and Hate Crimes and Strengthening the Rule of Law in the Digital Age.

*Information about previous IJL conferences and events is in IJL archive.