Transitional Justice
Israel, March 2010 

In March we held an evening seminar together with the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center on “Transitional Justice” The seminar was moderated by Adv. Sigall Horovitz and participants included Adv. Charles A. Caruso, a former Assistant US Attorney and Federal Prosecutor, who was involved in the Justice Sector Assistance Project led by the US State Department in the West Bank and Mr. Itai Anghel, a noted Israeli journalist, winner of the ‘Sokolov Prize’ and a recipient of the ‘Cutting Edge Prize’ in 2010 which was awarded to him at the Annual International Media Awards in London.

IJL for Gilad Shalit
Israel, December 10, 2010
On December 10th—the Universal Declaration Day for Human Rights—the IJL organized, in 10 locations worldwide, various protest events in front of the offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (‘ICRC’) expressing its outcry at the manner in which the ICRC is dealing with Gilad Shalit’s confinement and, in particular, its failure to condemn the ongoing violation of human rights that he has been subject to. Since Gilad Shalit is being deprived, on a regular and daily basis, of basic human rights, and as the ICRC has failed to deal with this delicate matter, the IJL decided to take a stand and thus organized the different protest events in Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Milan, Vienna, Brussels, London, Santiago, Paris, New York, Zurich, Thessaloniki and Johannesburg. Our primary goal was to increase the pressure being placed on the ICRC in the public international arena and to hopefully, make a change.
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Democratic and Legal Norms in the Age of Terror
London, June 30-July 4, 2010

At the end of June the IJL hosted an international conference in London themed ‘Democratic and Legal Norms in the Age of Terror’. The importance of this conference [(including the decision to hold it in London)] was twofold: (a) London was chosen due to: (i) the complexity of the universal jurisdictional approach it tends to adopt and the IJL’s desire to establish some form of debate between Israel and the UK on the subject; and (ii) it having been one of the instrumental cities that had initiated boycotts against Israeli academics and academic institutions (another legal aspect dealt with during the course of the conference); and (b) since the IJL aspired to ‘put its stamp’ where Israel is portrayed in a negative light, particularly where Israel is depicted in a way compelling it to prove its right to exist. The opening and formal event of the conference took place at the prestigious Gray’s Inn’s Halls where the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denis MacShane delivered the keynote presentation. The conference sessions were conducted at the SOAS Institute, part of the University of London. Well known professors such as the Rt. Hon. Lord Peter Goldsmith, QC, the Hon. Prof. Irwin Cotler (Canadian MP and former Minister of Justice), the Rt. Hon. Sir Martin Gilbert, Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and the respective Israeli Ambassadors to the UK and France, were presenters at this conference. More that 100 jurists from around the globe attended and actively participated in the legal discussions and exchange of opinions that were held after each session.

 Final Conference Brochure